Unjaded Company

We are more than a brand, we are here to promote a healthy lifestyle while ensuring our customers feel and look good along the way.

Our Mission

Unjaded Company's priority is to empower its customers with aspects of self-love, health, and beauty. The company defines the term Unjaded as not being dull or cynical but with a feeling of vibrancy. Even through hard times always remain Unjaded in our apparel. Recognize that the dream is within you.

Unjaded Company was founded in 2021 by Jade Ingram. Unjaded Company is also based in Atlanta, Georgia. My background in healthcare management and master’s degree in public health inspired me to incorporate a fun active wear brand. I have a strong passion for staying active and living a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically. Therefore, I wanted to spread my knowledge to aid in promoting healthy outcomes within my own community. I also believe when you look good in what you wear you will feel even better. I look forward to all of you following me along this journey.